Growth via EVERYTHING..??

Yes, it is true that "everything you go through grows you"…both good and bad.  


But, if you're like me or even close, I am not a guy who wants the world to just "happen" to me.  I'd rather "happen" to it?  Right?


Why not just be intentional? 


Create, foster and orchestrate opportunities for growth.


A few ideas:

·         Read non-fiction books? (are you reading any books?)

·         Listen to Podcasts? (so many excellent podcasts out there..)

·         Take that online class?

·         Go to an event of some kind. (lecture, church, volunteer,etc)

·         Find people you want to become like…and you can learn from…and ask them for 30 minutes of their time.  (Entrepreneur? wealthy? excellent parent? brain surgeon? excellent pie maker?)


A sure way to grow and become more knowledgeable is to ASK for time and ASK questions.  Yes, there may be some people that won't give you the time of day.  However, most people who you would like to become will be more than happy to share their wisdom with you.  Heck, they'd probably even take it as a complement you'd even ask.


Nothing worthwhile comes easy…it will always take effort. 

And so it is with growing me (and you).

Have a great day!



Where the ”magic” happens..

Boy, I really like being in my comfort zone…and the older I get, the more I look around for opportunities for me to stay in it.

For years I did everything I could to avoid the "uncomfortable situations" that showed up in my life.

Have you ever noticed how comfortable you like to be?

Ok, I am not talking about being comfortable as in sitting in an incredibly cushioned chair type comfortable.

I am talking about:
· Arriving at a busy and crowded restaurant and avoiding absolutely everyone.
· Enter a business meeting full of people…and you avoid everybody.
· Get asked to speak on a given topic and being quick to say "NO THANK YOU!"
· Not extending your hand to meet someone standing right next to you.

It doesn't matter where I go…I always tend to look for a comfortable spot to be…or maybe even how to avoid them altogether. BUT…

The challenge I gave myself several years ago - and I pass on to you is this.. Look for those opportunities that make you uncomfortable…opportunities that will create a better you. Trust me, you will recognize them when you are asked to do them. Your heart may even race a bit when the situation arises.

Every time you step into a situation that takes you out of your comfort zone…you will get better at handling it.

Some examples of things that might make you uncomfortable:

1) What if you asked the customer at your desk or in your teller line or on the phone about…Who they do their investments with…you might have the opportunity to bring up our investment representative and how they can help them reach financial goals.

2) What if you took a minute and called that customer who you spoke to yesterday who was having a bad day…"just to check on them".

3) What if you chose to finally go sign up for that night class you have been putting off…

4) When the neighbor asks if you'd like to come over for dinner and you have really never met them…

5) Apologizing for the error of judgement made with a friend.

Here's the thing…the situation may totally flop…OR you may totally kill it…you might actually meet a few new people…they might even say yes…
Regardless of the outcome, you'll still be you on the other side. You'll have more courage the next time and you'll be able to "chalk that one up to experience" if doesn't go quite as planned.

When confronted with the chance to be uncomfortable vs comfortable…I really do my best to step into the situation I know will make me uncomfortable.

WHY? Because you'll grow, you'll improve, you'll be more courageous, you'll become an even better leader.

Choose to step into the place "where the magic happens"…and get out of your comfort zone.

Hope your week is awesome!

Thank You!