Didn't they see the Rust?

I heard that story recently about an exploding natural gas pipeline in Eastern OK. Crazy huh?

Interestingly, the pipe was so rusty it just exploded due to erosion. And the rust issue was diagnosed before any inspector could get close enough to actually see the pipe - because it was so hot and was shootin' flames.

So if they knew the weakness was from rust.. And this known weakness resuted in the explosion... Hmmm? That just tells me someone, maybe several people, new (or saw) the pipe was rusty over the last few years.

Makes me wonder If somebody ever new (or saw) that my personal or spiritual or financial "pipes" were rusty.. Would they tell me? Or just wait for the explosion?

Witnessing a personal (life) explosion is tough - especially if WE all saw the rust but NEVER said a word.

PLEASE make it personal and alert me to any "rust" in my life! I'd rather not go up in flames..

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