The pit in my $tomach

That pit in my $tomach…

..showed up every time the offering plate went by me in church. How much could we give? Did anybody see me pass the plate on? I give lots of time and serve others? If they only knew.. on and on and on ....

Over time and through our journey - God revealed that it wasn’t about the money.. it was about the actual willingness to and act of letting "IT" (money) go and letting HIM lead. He did not say heaven was only for tithers.. or that you gotta give to “get in”.. His Son took care of that!

In His own way (and through a former coworker in OKC) He allowed me to see that it was about having faith that He could take care of us. HE could handle the rest!  TRUST.  (Thanks for putting Mike in my path.)

Through our Dave Ramsey "recovery" program we had begun the DEBT SNOWBALL and we were amazed how well it actually worked.. And then - it was like a loud GONG went off in my head.. If it worked for debts.. the reverse might work for giving..  Why couldn’t we just use a “giving snowball”?

We picked a dollar amount to start.. say $75 each pay period. And then each time we gave to the church we just added another $2 bucks. It worked..!  God was faithful .. and the release of tension and the heart change over the years has been incredible.

God used a simple math equation to literally change our hearts! So very awesome. If you'd like a copy of the spreadsheet, just shoot me an email and I'd be glad to send it to you..

That pit in my stomach is fading now.. and I am thankful.


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