Update from Jay

What a while it has been since I blogged last. Seems there is never enough time to get it all done.

So, I'll just sit out back enjoying the smells of the chiminea and blog a bit..

What a crazy few weeks we have had but it ended quite well!

We purchased another tree for the front yard. Ended up going to Precure Nursery in OKC and chose the Whitebud. Hardy in full sun and should be able to handle the Oklahoma heat. Cool tree and the blooms should be real beauties!

If all the trees we've planted actually survive (and they should given Sam's green thumb!) we will be shaded for life!

Even got to go fishing this weekend!

What awesome memories came flooding back from growing up in Ada ! I could definitely go fishing again soon..

Enjoy the outdoors while you can.. Mosquitoes are surely around the corner.

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