DEBIT CARD FRAUD..How is that funny?

YES, I drew it myself!
Just a snippet of my week in banking..

A customer was in the bank the other day and told my assistant and I that his wife’s DEBIT CARD was STOLEN and was being used fraudulently! He went on..“interestingly, the fraudster is spending less than my wife… so I
think I will let ‘em keep using it… IT IS SAVING ME MONEY!”.
NOW THAT IS FUNNY!    It is serious - so check out this link to see How to handle debit card fraud.

Debit card fraud is SERIOUS!
I ordered a used book from Amazon this week on Tuesday (June 29th).  I received confirmation that it shipped...I was so pumped - but the estimated delivery date was JULY 23rd! I know the book was ordered from a place called "international books".. didn't know they actually meant it would be shipped from SIBERIA on horseback.? NOW THAT IS CRAZY

I had to go to the OK County Treasurer's office yesterday.. Forgot I had my tiny pocket knife in my pocket.. After going thru the scanner - they didn't see it! But the guard picked up and looked at my keys instead.. I said - "I bet the machine saw this.." and showed them the knife.. he was like - AHA!!   They said my options were to run it back to my car (NOT going back 2 blocks) or throw it in THE BLACK BOX..  It is now officially gone forever. As I rode the elevator...I thought to myself, "self, isn't it a significantly larger risk letting in the door a guy with cellphone and a camera?" NOW THAT JUST SEEMS SILLY! (I know it's for my safety..)

Finally..  As a banker I am continually frustrated by the regulations we manage to deal with.. as well as the regulatory changes and how they impact me and the bank where I work..  But this week I learned that even a local orthodontist has to comply with some of this mess.  When a friends son signed up for braces.. the orthodontist had to provide them  a FEDERAL TRUTH IN LENDING disclosure!  NOW THAT IS JUST OVER THE TOP!

I am hopeful you laughed a little this week too..What a week!

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