For a long life.....?

I had heard about a study on KLOVE the other day about a good handshake equating to a long life... and It occurred to me that I know a few guys FOR CERTAIN that will live a very long time if the study is accurate.

How wild is that?

This recent European study revealed that people with a good strong and firm handshake have the edge when it comes to a longer life!

If you ever got to shake my friend Fred or Steve's hand you'd agree that THESE FELLA's HAVE GOT A LLLLONG LIFE AHEAD. Because when we shake hands.. Whoa... They have this incredible grip!

In fact, the study showed that ability to walk fast and get up quick indicate the same thing! Here is a link to the article..


Just thought it was interesting.. The sad part, if this is true.. I know some very limpy biscuit-like handshaking people who may be departing SOON!

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