My Garage Sale Adventures - NO FRIDAYS!

Now I am a pretty easy going guy most of the time.. But last weekend (10/14/2010) I just plain got "smoked"

But lately I have started becoming more and more frustrated about missing out on good deals at garage sales on Saturday morning!  NOT because I show up late.. but because they are starting on Friday.

Whose idea was this?

Time after time (recently it seems) I pull up at a garage sale on a given Saturday morning... the driveway is less cluttered, garage half empty, etc.  The garage sale host/hostess just says, "Man, you should have seen it yesterday (Friday) it was crazy".. It's just not right.. there ought to be a law!

Might be time to start an initiative petition or pass a new city ordinance..  AND just FYI - I have high ranking city officials as neighbors.. and my kids make mean chocolate chip cookies.. : )

Here's to you finding good deals.. have a great weekend!


  1. First off, you should drive by on Thursday evenings when they are setting everything up. Second, what is a pinky palm?

  2. Great idea! A pinky palm is like the very little center of your tip of yor pinky.. It indicates something very small.. In this case, the number of times I go fishing is very small .. HOWEVER, I actually DID fish today!

  3. You're killin me, Smalls! SB