They got the cheesepuffs - I got the.. DOG FOOD?

It started off as one of those BANNER DAYS!!

My assistant gave me some free samples of "Moist & Meaty" dog food to take home for my dog. (I was pumped!)

THEN, out of nowhere, a customer comes into the bank and gives each of the tellers what looked like a 70 gallon barrel of cheese puffs each!!   Jiminy..I could probably get inside one of those barrels!

Wait a minute.. Surely there 's some social injustice here!?

But, if you must know.. these tellers deserve 'em anyway.  They work hard, day in and day out, and probably know 99% of all the folks that walk in the door by name!  And we all know of places where you can't even talk to an actual person. So they are a breath of fresh air to many people. 
Truth be known..  I never liked cheesepuffs anyway.  :) 

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