Wal Mart Building & Loan (Part 2)

So, the question from Part 1...
What would it be like if Wal Mart was my banker? 

I suppose it could fill a niche for some.. 

Well, I thought I'd go ahead and tell you a little about what I know about the "banker" tendencies of big blue.. and this is what I recently got out of an article in USBANKER magazine.  It was an especially troubling article for me to read as a banker given what banks (mine included) will deal with in the "new" regulatory changes coming down from the Consumer Financial Protection Agency and the FED pipe for "unbanked and underbanked" citizens of the USA. (We'll talk about this study later!)

- Wal Mart HQ in '08 -
Certainly, there are some folks who are glad to see banks experience pain.  But even if that is the case, I just don't know if this is good or not yet.  Regardless, this is something YOU need to know about .. and it's potentially coming to your neighborhood Wal Mart at some point in the future.

United Kingdom: They own majority interest in a bank entity in the UK under ASDA Financial Services - selling ALL banking products, insurance, etc..

Mexico: They plan on opening 160 branches under the name Banco Walmart de Mexico Adelante south of the border BY THE END OF 2010.  (HELLO, that is THIS year!)

Canada: Recently opened Walmart Canada Bank offering credit cards and hinting at a move into the mortgage industry.

United States: Offers small business loans NOW at Sams Club. Holds an equity stake in Green Dot who just purchased a bank in Provo, UT.  Everyone knows you can get money orders and transfer money and get reloadable VISA's, etc too..

So, will you have a Wal Mart Building and Loan in your neighborhood?  And, if you do, how will it impact you? 

Regulatory changes and different market players will have a major impact on banks over the next few years.   And I think it will have an even bigger impact on consumers..some positive, some negative.  As we have all heard people say about many things.. "it's not IF it will happen - it's a matter of WHEN".

Hope this can be of some use..

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