Wal Mart Building & Loan (Part1)

It's a long way from anything resembling the infamous Bailey Building & Loan in Bedord Falls.. But, it does have a ring to it..

Would you be interested (if tempted) in Wal Mart being your "LOCAL" bank? Or maybe your insurance agent, your mortgage company?  HINT: It may be closer than you think.

HEY, they'd likely be cheaper, have offices everywhere and even have a wide range of general services...  I'm ok with the competition.. 

I mean they have about every possible grocery combo, lawn combo, plant combo, kitchen utensil combo, tire and oil combo, electronic combo..  WOW!  So, then what's the problem?

The other day I posted a question on FaceBook asking friends to "describe Wal Mart in as few words as possible"..  The responses were not totally surprising and the descriptions ranged from slightly negative to seriously negative with a few "happy spots".  But based on the average response - most people think negative-ish about the giant retailer. 

Now, contrast that original FaceBook question (above) with another one:
Q: "Describe your local bank (insurance agent) in as few words as possible"

I am hopeful the responses would be different..and more positive.. (hopefully..)

QUESTION: If Wal Mart became your "local banker", insurance agent or mortgage company how do you think you'd describe that experience?

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