He did what?

Not that I am one of those bankers that likes to wrangle with regulators.. but good grief guys.. ordering a bank to remove all things Christmas from that little bank in Perkins, OK!  Over the top for a bank regulator..

I had heard about the "issue" at this bank on Thursday morning.  Here is a link to the article. When I heard that a bank regulator had issued a decree during an official bank exam to "remove Christian verses and Christmas symbols" from the bank website and the bank proper... I ABOUT PASSED OUT!  Rest assured though, we will see more of this type issue down the road.

There is no doubt in my mind that the one thing we need MORE of is everything biblical in business.  (ooh.. did I just say that?)

In my simple little mind here's why ... when people tell me their personal stories of poor decisions with money, marriages, debt, children, not paying the IRS, cheating their employers, lying on a loan application, etc...  The singular thing they'd like more than anything else is PEACE.  And I know where mine comes from..

I have no agenda, no salvation quota, no get rich quick plan.... I just know that the financial peace we've experienced, the harmony in our family, finances and employers comes from a singular source - JESUS.

So even if you take my manger scene and verse off my computer and the Bible from my desk..  You can't get to the source of my peace!

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