Maybe I expect too much?

Like lots of people, I tend to get up early..  I am able to sip a few cups of coffee, read a devo and check email, etc.  Then, I go for a run... on the treadmill ..watching the news AND COMMERCIALS.

Recently though I've seen a few commercials that have surprised me.. some are more obvious.. others more subtle..but the crudeness factor seems to have ratcheted up a bit.

TACO BELL hit a low with the pretty girl "sneaking" out of the guys room..and gets caught by the bell reminding her to go eat a breakfast no matter what you feel like in the morning?

BARRY SANDERS AUTO surprised me with his recent commercial as he made a remark related to his initials...  Yes, it's a play on words.. but he doesn't have to stoop that low for market share - or, does he?  How many kids (and adults) think he's the best running back ever?

Don't get me wrong, I am no angel..  but we can't expect much to change if we don't make moves in the right direction..  Just expected better..

Do you have an opinion?


  1. low expectations, that's my motto, and i'm rarely disappointed. my friend says 'pagans do what pagans do'. i've also wondered if that taco bell chick was going to go home with the video game guy for a nooner.

  2. The older I get the more it bothers me, and what I really admire is when it bothers a young adult, I think they are blessed and wise beyond their years. Oh how I wish I would have been! good post! Cindy