What's in your BLACK BOX?

The pic on the left is a version of a "black box" or flight data recorder.. Not sure why it's called a "black box".. cause it's orange, right?

Anyway..the gist here is this box will record multiple parameters of flight data (~48) and around 30 minutes of conversations and noise from the cockpit of the aircraft..

So, officials look for this orange (black) box to find details of what caused "the crash", as it were.. Not a fun tool, but a necessary and helpful one for the rest of us..

I've seen over the last few days that they have found the black box from that plane that crashed off the coast of South America a while back..DEEP in the ocean.. sad to recall such a tragic end for so many lives.

But..it got me thinking..what would my black box reflect???  Who is Jay's pilot anyway?

Would my "flight data" and "parameters" of how I lived my life be indicating: peace, joy, honor, humility, trust, compassion and love?

Or would my "flight data" indicate personal traits like: pride, boasting, jealousy, greed, lust, hate?

Might be time to review "the parameters" over the last few years of what you've been saying, thinking, doing..

NOTE TO SELF:  Review Psalm 139:23-24

That is, before they crack open my box..

-from an undisclosed location

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