The Uncomfortable Stretch

Last week I visited with a friend who recently returned from Kota, India.

He's been there many times over many years and impacted 1000's of orphaned and homeless children since the late 1970's. The picture is of him sharing with over 500 young people. (I'll interview him soon.)

We talked about how being out of our comfort zone is always a growth experience..for me, him and likely them. And in many cases we just don't see how it could possibly work out in a positive way..

Seems to both of us that this is how the Lord works. Stretching and moving us out of our comfort zone..to an uncomfortable place where reliance on Christ is all we really have to get us through.. At least that's how we see it.

I enjoy being uncomfortable (most of the time).. because I know who is in control.. But it can prove to be tense, unnerving and there are unknowns..

But growth is refreshing and empowering.. At least it is for me.

Here's to being uncomfortable.

"We never chose to make ourselves less."(Kyle Idleman).. but God provides opportunities for us to serve and rely on Him..

- from an undisclosed location

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