We came. We saw. We conquered!

If I told you I was still tired and recovering from the retreat..would you believe me? Well, I do and I speak the truth!!
It was a full throttle 48 hours and a fun crew of 38 youth at New Life Ranch (7 sponsors too). This picture was right before departure on Saturday morning. Gorgeous day and a great one for the "challenge course".
The challenge course provided access to lots of fun activities. But the best part of the course was watching many of the youth overcome the fear of heights or jumping off a 40 foot pole! Many very literally took a leap of faith.

The picture here is of some of the more seasoned camp attenders who had experienced the Zipline before.. My daughter is in the center of the picture. And yes, they were having fun.

The focus on this trip was to get them working together.. Cohesiveness, community, connection and other cool words like that.. We live in a tough enough world as it is - we need others to help encourage us and spur us to achieving things.
As a Christian (and youth) it's even more important to have that group (or community) to back you up and hold you accountable too. If left to ourselves...we stumble and fall or maybe just make poor decisions. It's cool to celebrate successes too. So, we focused on connecting to each other.
New Life Ranch is an awesome place.. Many lives have been changed, enhanced and even saved in this great valley. (We stayed in the WestWoods Cabins right on river.)

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