Did you hear that?

It was going to be the normal routine this morning.

Alarm at 5:15.
Coffee at 5:17.
Dog out at 5:18.
Bible & Reading at 5:19...that's what I expected for my typical Monday.

Crazy though...this morning it woke me like a lightning bolt. 4:50am and TOTAL QUIET!

I laid there and seriously thought this must be a dream. No wind, no birds, no AC unit, no Gary England.. Just QUIET..

I laid there a little longer and enjoyed the sweet sound of tranquility.

It wasn't twelve hours earlier we were seeing pictures of our dear Oklahoma friends in Woodward with lives turned upside down. Here I was.. Shhhh..

I finally got up..got my coffee..took the dog outside and literally sat there in awe.

The same God who tosses the wind, storms and birds is the same one that brings stillness, peace and sanity in my life. And I have plenty of "storms".

Seemed like a message to me...and I heard it in the stillness this morning..

“Be still, and know that I am God!..." (Psalm 46:10a)

•• from an undisclosed location..

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