Our OKC Thunder game!!

I'm still laughing about it..

I got the family and some friends OKC Thunder tickets on (last) Monday night. We purchased seven.

We had a great time together with friends and the kids...but a series of things are still very humorous about that particular night.

FIRST: I should have known the jig was up when I learned our seven tickets were actually 2 on one corner of LOUD CITY (326 row P) and the other 5 in the total opposite (312 row P) side. This was literally the farthest distance across the entire Chesapeake Center.. Initially I was miffed, but I just laughed in the end.. We got to visit at halftime...

SECOND: Since when does Durant miss three pointers and get stuffed? THE NIGHT I TAKE MY FAMILY.. The number 1 team in the West - and they get beat by the Memphis Grizzlies? Really?

THIRD: I have heard about the cool half time shows at the Thunder games for a long time.. Dunkfests, Rock Stars, Heroes in the military, dancing Thunder Girls etc. WELL NOT ON THIS NIGHT! Wouldn't you know...the night we go to the game they (and I'm not kidding) had a jazzercise demonstration? HUH? The entire court packed full..

I have laughed every day since just thinking about my ONLY Thunder game ever attended...

Distant seats...
Thunder loss...
Jazzercise at halftime...
Hey, at least I got parking for $6 bucks!

•from an undisclosed location..
Kohl's has a nice tee of KD!!

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