Pics on the run today @ UWMadison

It was a nice run this morning and the temperature was an incredible 47deg or so!!

The right calf muscle/shin area gave me a fit this morning? The only thing I can determine it was...wearing "Sanuks" the day before? Seems that I've experienced this before ... Likely need to stretch a little more too!

More BankSim at GSBWI today at UWMadison and classes until around 5pm. Topics today: Ethics, Loyalty and Profitability. All are a MUST for bankers!


That one pic is of Samantha and I at OSU a few weeks ago. We are celebrating our 21ST ANNIVERSARY today!! The last three years we've not been together for it and I'm looking forward to being home in 2013 already. In the meantime, HAPPY 21ST ANNIVERSARY SAMANTHA!!!

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