iPhone5 hits 2mil in 24 hours! WOW!!

Apple has just released that iPhone5 pre-orders are at the 2 million level in just 24 hours!!  That's not just wow.. but double WOW!!  The article linked above states that is very possible that Apple may sell 58 million iPhone5's BY THE END OF 2012... Leaves me speechless...or typeless...

OK, what's crazy about this 2mil in pre-orders is that this is MORE THAN DOUBLE the record held by the iPhone4s 1mil pre order volume!!  Uhh, wasn't that like a year ago?  The stock hit $700 TODAY.. The company is already larger than Exxon or Miscrosoft... What could possbly be next?

All I'm saying:  If you ordered a "5" be prepared to wait if you weren't one of the first couple of mil to do so!!  No doubt the huge supply is surely dwindling AND FAST.  The new "5's" are slated to be showing up your door on on Sept 21st. 

Props to you Steve Jobs for making the thunder roll!!  I am sure glad I like my iPhone 4!!

Here's to more data!!


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