The money they think they control..

As a banker of over like 20 years, I've seen multiple personalities of people and the money they think they control.  Truth is, money has a way of controlling us to some extent.

Money influences many of our daily decisions on multiple levels.  Consider the decisions you've made today based on "your" money situation.  Where you go, where you eat, if you buy their meal, put gas in the car or can you get another day...

Like me, I am sure you've seen the quotes below actually play out in lives around you...
  • "Money is either a good or bad influence, according to the character of the person who possesses it." -Napoleon Hill
  • "If you're rich and you're a jerk, you'll be a rich jerk! Likewise, if you're rich and you're a great person, you'll be a rich person who does great things with you're money." - Dave Ramsey (emphasis mine)

In a lot of cases we wake up, "smell the roses" and work to correct the "error of our ways".  Call it what it is: "Buyers Remorse"

Money is amoral friends...it is the holder of the money who takes action not "Uncle Benjamin".  What we do with it is an extension of who we are. 

In light of the "FRANKENSTORM" we've been watching.  How about this scenario: 
"You learn a hurricane is coming your way.  You have less than $1,000 in the bank, a car loan, a home loan and 1/4 tank of gas.  You MUST evacuate today..."

-Are you (even) remotely prepared?
-Where can your family go?
-Could you get gas as you leave town?
-Would you leave town or stay?

Do you know what your money (or other) weakness is?  Or your money character? Sometimes our own selfish tendencies endanger more than just you...

Have a great day!

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