A good night!

Sorry for the late post.

Tonight we were able to take our girls along with some great young people to volunteer at a local food pantry. Got there at 5:30 and just got home at 11:15.

The food pantry (The Lords Harvest) provides Thanksgiving baskets (and turkey) to 138 families (tonight) in El Reno where we live. They feed many people throughout the rest of the year too. I've heard their donations are down sharply this year. Might be time to give. If you want to donate, contact me and I'll help make it happen

We stood in an assembly line of sorts. As the folks would come by we filled up their carts, said a kind word and moved them down the line.

Heard lots of incredible stories. From grandparents caring and raising 2 with gusts to 11 grandchildren... to a person who told me they ate ramen noodles for 6 months so they could stretch their $800 income enough to pay for the car driven tonight. WOW!

Friends, I am blessed! Blessed to serve such incredibly courageous people.

We were encouraged by the response of the kids we took tonight. As they are ready to go again soon.

Are you serving your community this holiday season? Love to hear your story too..


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