Keeping up the pace...

One thing for sure...this posting pace is wayyyy too much to keep up with!

Our lives are just so full and time is precious.

While sitting down and reflecting on each day is useful and somewhat beneficial it is even more difficult to write my thoughts down so others can "get it".  Right after I started this daily thing (only a few days ago) I began to think about that 80's show, Doogie Howser, M.D...This video is exactly what I thought it might be like.. Doogie's key though was keeping it short and sweet.. I tend to run on and on and on..(and for the record, he does the "..." thing too!)

There is no way I can do the many things I love most (being a husband, father, youth leader and banker) and be able to keep posting EVERY single day!  I can sense your deep disappointment and I'm touched...as soon as November 30th gets here, I will try to post at least a minimum of once per week going forward.  It may only be a few sentences.  Check out SETH GODIN if you have not done so yet.. good stuff. 

For a guy who never really is short of things to say...it's tougher than I thought it would be posting something every day.  Sixteen days of that business is enough!

OKAY, so when my mind ran through the memories of Doogie...they quickly moved to The Cosby Show.  (My kids watch this almost daily...STILL!).  Anyway, one of my rapper guys (KJ52)does a little video about "Doing the Bill Cosby" that I thought I'd leave you with tonight.  Enjoy it..

Have a great Wednesday!

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