D-Tower in Downtown OKC! NICE!

Up D-Tower
FINALLY!...got to go out with my girls to look at lights and take them to dinner last night!!

We started in Downtown OKC at Devon Tower.  I'd have to say that Devon Tower is pretty incredible to stand next too.  It is, very literally, "larger than life" and is a great place to see, especially during Christmas. 

Big Steel
Downtown OKC's "Downtown in December" still produces the ice skating, snow tubing and other very cool activities...but having the D-Tower to visit is an added bonus! I was told recently (and I recall a newspaper article too) that the company that decorates NYC's Rockefeller Center was hired to decorate for Devon this year. So, this is a must see during Christmas break.  (Don't you wonder what that cost to get done...)
My ladies!
Pretty good lights downtown but nothing like the Chesapeake Campus at 63rd / Western. Those lights are just incredible! Check out this video I took a few years ago...since then it's even better.

Large P-Cones
Ended up eating at Upper Crust (pizza) later last night too! It's basically on the Chesapeake campus at the Classen Curve. Seriously good pizza!! Even saw Bob Barry Jr (local sportscaster)...and the door to the "Dough Room"!
For Bankers Only
My pics are from our visit last night to Devon! Those pine cones are massive and dangling from the center of the tower. And those ornaments were rather large too.

Merry Christmas friends!

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