Are you feeling the "squeeze"?

Have you looked at the gas price lately? 

It seems a little crazy that gas is now $3.59 per gallon in central Oklahoma? And I'm thinking we have it better than most of the country. 

What is up with that??

I'm not bashing anyone or being "whatever" here...
But  if GW would've been in office today, there'd be "wailing and gnashing of teeth" and calls for his impeachment if he didn't "OPEN UP THE RESERVES.."

Interestingly though.. prices for fuel, groceries and taxes and everything else continue to creep (ok, skyrocket) up.
I'm not complaining.  We are very blessed.  What has surprised me is that I just hear nobody talking about any of the very obvious increase in the price of ALL things...

Get ready friends.  When the economy really kicks into overdrive...it will get expensive.  I suggest getting friendly with DaveRamsey.com...

I am curious how other families in the "middle class" are dealing with it...


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