The one that got away..

It all came down to the freeze line and the movement of the front.  Well, at least that is my expert opinion.

Drove around this morning and the roads were basically fine.  Even had to stop the car and take turn off 4 wheel drive.  Soooo not fair...

My kids will be disappointed in the (overnight) snow accumulation but they are pumped since they canceled school for today...LAST NIGHT.

How crazy would it be if the school system was like.."uhh, we made an error and we WILL be having school after all.."  If that happened there might be a town mutiny.

Have a great day.

#nosnow #noschool

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  1. Hey Jay, I hope you had a nice time back home. What did you do on the holiday? Do share your experience with us. Would love to hear from you.