Our little girl is growing up...

Our Clara Barton Red bud (girl) tree, that is!!

We got this tree a few years ago (2010) through a gift certificate from the Historic Tree.org or something very similar (try the Arbor Day Foundation too).  We are tree people, so this was a great gift.  (I think Historic Trees is out of business now?)

I posted about it back when we got it in the mail.  You can read that post HERE. It was crazy because it came in an about 5' foot box like a golf club or similar. I'll try to find those initial pictures I took - it was quite comical.

Clara Barton Redbud-2013
Fast forward to today.
It might be 2' tall now... This little sapling has made it through droughts, ice, sub zero temps, hail and 50mph wind gusts!  Don't know much about the real Clara Barton but she must have been one tough gal!

Learn more about Clara.
Buy a tree for a friend.

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