What if it actually works?

I listen to a podcast called "Smart Passive Income"... good stuff!  Unfortunately, it got me thinking..
Then, I started reading a book called "Start" by Jon Acuff.. Yep, it got me thinking too.

My thought..."Jay, what if you recorded video at different times of the day and then posted it?"  ... could you actually (seriously) earn money?  Can you actually get paid doing this stuff.  Then, START!

Sounds easy enough.. Record before and after work and at lunch when possible...Then, publish at night, etc..

I've determined that the goal is not so much that I want anyone to see me particularly, but if "they" want to potentially add to "the bottom line", then I'd like to oblige them. Right? 

They watch it, click it and let's see what happens next.  It's called "passive income"...Can it really happen.  hmmm.

Here's where we are today..
Website Views Lifetime: 18,150+
YouTube Views Lifetime: 16,400+
Amazon Clicks Lifetime : 32  (started 5/12/2013)
Dollar$ Made @YouTube thus far: $20.33
Dollar$ Made @Amazon thus far: $8.20 (started 5/12/2013)
...I'll keep you posted on progress!

My first clips were yesterday and are below: times were about 8am - 11am - 5pm - 10pm. 
Kind of boring this first round in my estimation but we'll see what it looks like going forward!

Here is my latest attempt...

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