Learning Bashar Al-Asad.. *BASHAR's INTERVIEW*

OK guys...
I know I'm kind of a nerd about this guys show... but I think you'd really enjoy it....this interview for sure!

This particular show was VERY INFORMATIVE since it had Bashar Al-Asad, President of Syria as the guest.  It was quite shocking that he even spoke with Charlie.  (yes, I'm typing like "Charlie" and I go way back!)

It think it is pretty eye-opening about where Bashar stands on the subject of being a literal mass murderer, etc.  Charlie pretty much states it that way...  incredible interview and kudo's to him making it happen. 

You just have to check out this interview AND keep your eye out for what other guests he has on regularly.  The dude (Charlie Rose) has a pretty incredible job...to speak with so many leaders in our world.

You watch it and see what you think... It sounds like V. Putin has a deal on the table that hedge the world from another "drop zone" over Syria.. We shall see!


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