"An inch of ice will do ya!"..and caramel corn..

What a crazy ICY night (last night) and day we have had over the last 24 hours! And we are not through with this messy stuff yet!! What's it doing in your neck of the woods?

The ice is quickly approaching ONE INCH thick on most of our trees, flowers, cars and anything else that finds itself outside.  Our weathermen indicate it'll happen all day and maybe even snow tonight.
Pine Needles..encased in ice!

I've added these pictures to just give you an idea of how it looks around here.  The first is from the pine tree behind our house...it was taken this morning up close..(on left)

1" thick ice!!
I took this one about 2 hours ago in the front yard (right).  It's a branch of our little White Bud tree that maybe about 6 foot tall at best.  It always marvels how God can create something with such elasticity...and then BAM...it hits the breaking point.  You can also see that the driveway and streets are just wet..THIS IS GOOD!

We're thankful the wind hasn't come up because if it starts blowing it'll sound like rattlin' bones outside and power lines WILL start breaking. Since I enjoy electricity this would not be good. OG&E has this site for folks to see the outages, etc. (HEY!! It says there's some outages in El Reno!!)

Lastly, the one here on the left is from last nights forecast by Channel 9's David Payne.  We have been very fortunate that temps have stayed 29-32deg or the roads would resemble the trees.  But thus far we've dodged the "icy road" bullet.

OK, so now you're stuck in the house...WHAT WILL YOU DO?  Well, below is my video on how to make my favorite make caramel corn recipe...  If you have just a few ingredients...Voila!

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