On the bench

Manequin golfers at the mall
It was really quite funny as I sat there on the bench in the mall doing the whole people watching thing...

Some of the hairdo's people had and clothes they wore were interesting to say the least.  (You know you watch them too).  It's not much different when people marvel at my affinity for ketchup. Yes, we are all unique in God's eyes...and everyone else's eyes too!

The funny part was that while I was watching them and their stylish "attributes"...I noticed most - when I made eye contact - were looking at me and doing the same thing. 

Likely saying...
"look at that poor fellow on the bench, not shopping, just watching.."
"can you believe a grown man hangs out at the mall and just watches us.."
"poor guy just looks at his phone in the mall.."

Then, my family sent me a text that they were coming out of the store in front of my bench and we were gone in a flash. My phone ran out of juice that day...

I speak about it on my podcast here.

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