I had a big weekend! You?

OSU Walkaround
Had a great time over the weekend as we were able to experience "the walkaround" at OSU's Homecoming (Stillwater,OK) on Friday night and then traveled to OBU (Shawnee, OK) on Saturday for "Family Day"...
Fall at OBU

When I attended OSU I am pretty certain there wasn't 80,000 people walking around looking at the incredible student work...WOW! 

One word about the weekend - HOT! Wow, was it ever hot!  But irregardless of the heat...the leaves were showing tons of fall color and (if you know us) we had a very colorful time.  We had a few slushes and fraps from Heavenly Grind and cooled us quite a bit!

In addition to hanging out with the wonderful ladies from my home (plus another I'd adopt!)...we walked around a good portion of the campus, saw the sites in Shawnee and attended Freshman Follies.  Great comedy relief and some real talent at OBU... Not as awesome as my oldest but still talented none the less.

Like I said...a great time over the weekend!
En Route to Freshman Follies

"You Got This!"...je

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