Just Staying Relevant

"When in doubt, write it down. By all means, you still need pictures, even video. But there's nothing to replace the specificity that comes from the alphabet." - Seth Godin

It's funny, over the years people have questioned my "wasting time" blogging, dabbling in YouTube videos or other activities that are (apparently) not normal for a person "of my age".  It's even more interesting to consider this on my birthday...now my 48th. 

This blog has been a fun excercise.  To see what is possible I suppose.  For a guy who talks a lot it is even harder to type a lot! Let alone to type anything you'd actually want to read.  It is interesting to see the numbers though...
                                Posts or Videos          PageViews        $$ for Jaythebanker
Blog:                           242                     65,453                 ~$15.00
YouTube:                    171                     50,165                 ~$65.44
Amazon:                    ?                            ?                        ~$20.00  

I think it's important for you to know that for me it is an attempt to stay somewhat relevant, to keep my mind working and able to use current technology and remain more engaged in the culture of technology in which we find ourselves.  For the record, I do read books (non fiction mostly) regularly.  

There is an outside chance to earn money from all of this activity...but it is small given the the little time I have invested in it.  If I totaled up the real cash flow generated from the activity it's likely less than $100.  But it is pretty cool that if someone uses one of my links to Amazon or clicks on one of the advertisements on my site...that I can actually get paid is pretty slick!  I am still tinkering with how I can generate money from a podcast... I have two podcasts Choose this one or that one  podcast... 

Like I said.. just having fun and trying to stay relevant and trying to write...shoot video...and speak about the incredible gift of life the Lord has provided me.

Thankfully, my wonderful family loves me in spite of it all.

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