It's SPRING baby!! What are you doing?

Okay.. So spring is springing and there's work to be done around the hacienda!

Are you doing anything????

Here we go...

Let me first say that these WERE crape myrtles before this banker got serious. I'm not sure they were ever trimmed before and we're not sure how old they are?

We are doing an experiment...We'll trim these and leave the crape myrtle at the other end alone. We'll just see what happens..

My Crape Myrtles

This is just the front little bed. The princess works miracles and fortunately has a green thumb too! Got a few azaleas and a few yews plus a few more items to come...

Nice Bed...still more to come!

One of the things I had to get done was to hang the bikes!! Other than getting a mouthful of sheet rock as I drilled holes in the ceiling...it went well!!

Bikes hung...still room to work!

 Plus we added a storm shelter about a month ago.. Here's the video of its install:

Stay busy and safe!!

"You Got This!"...je

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