The Giants Among Us

You have probably driven around and seen these yourself. So this is not going to be anything new.

Like many friends of mine, I have been blessed to live in Oklahoma the great majority of my life. There are many great things about Oklahoma...even the politics are doable. BUT...

On the return trip from Dallas I was just totally disappointed to see The giants Among Us towering over Honey Creek Pass just south of Turner a Falls.

For years we would drive down to (or home from) Dallas and I actually anticipated going over Honey Creek Pass. The geology of it all...the coolness of knowing there were mountain like passes in central Oklahoma. Oh, and the speed of going down the other side!

The wind mill turbin things have certainly changed the pretty factor of it all. The video shows just how
large the "wingspread" of these things are..

Turbines Through Town

It's sad to me...that in the pursuit of pursuing "green" energy, we seem to damage the "visual green" around us. I suppose we'll learn something from it all.

"You Got This!"...je

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