Two Centenarians in Seven Days..

I was able to experience two individuals that fall into the centenarian bracket this week!  

Pretty incredible...some weeks are like that.

Earlier this week we attended the El Reno Chamber of Commerce banquet.  The gentlemen who led us in the National Anthem will be 104 this year!  He was a veteran who actually was also awarded the "Veteran of The Year" in our community.  A humble man who could likely tell you many, many stories. 

This afternoon we celebrated the 100th birthday of "Fritz" M..   "Fritz" (in the
picture above)was born near Luther, OK.. Caught rabbits as a kid and sold them for .17cents each to make money.  Served in the US Navy and spent a little time in Okinawa (with the SeaBees) and was there when the "big one" ended...he said it was a crazy time..

I think about the many stories these folks
could share and we only heard a snippet.

Really an incredible week.  

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