#CBMC - Wednesday @ 6:30am - Yukon, OK

Good morning men!


Our group will meet Wednesday morning (10/24/18) at 6:30am in BancFirst lobby located at 2500 S Cornwell, Yukon.

Try to make it and consider inviting a guest.  


Last week I had a chance to make a pecan pie…faster than normal. 


Almost all of the "goods" were in a jar.  YES, A PECAN PIE IN A JAR!


All I had to add were a few eggs and a little butter…and stir.  THAT WAS IT!

YES, A SHORTCUT to one of the greatest pies on earth…done in no time at all!

Cook it, cool it and dab it with a little ice cream – then…



But guess what?  Like most shortcuts, it did not work as hoped.  Turns out the process of taking the time of mixing ALL those ingredients (from "scratch") to make the pie is the real secret to one of the greatest pies on earth.  It's all about the vigorous mixing and cooking required to make it firm up just right. 


This is much like our faith in Christ.  There are just no shortcuts…no quick fixes.  There is no Jesus in a jar to mix in a few bible verses, a bit of my marriage, some of my kids, a little work… but not spend time focused on the Lord.  Christ needs to work through all of these ingredients of my life on a regular basis.


It's all about incremental action over time…and this is where I realize I must keep seeking, praying and living out my faith in Christ.


God's word is pretty clear…about shortcuts to Him.

"Don't look for shortcuts to God. The market is flooded with surefire, easygoing formulas for a successful life that can be practiced in your spare time.  Don't fall for that stuff, even though crowds of people do.  THE WAY TO LIFE – TO GOD! – IS VIGOROUS and requires total attention."

Mat7:13-14 (MSG)


My shortcut pecan pie (that came in a jar) was runny, didn't taste awesome and left a lot to be desired.  If I make one again…I'll go without the shortcuts.


Bottom line:  Shortcuts seem like a great idea in just many circumstances…but they don't work out as planned in the end.


I hope to see you Wednesday.


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