CBMC - 6:30am - Wednesday 5/22/19

Good afternoon men!


I hope to see everyone tomorrow morning bright and early – 6:30am @ 2500 S Cornwell Ave! 

Consider inviting  guest…Go for it!


What a week it has been and it's only Tuesday (as I type) !  I pray you are all safe and dry..


Dave, Jack and Marc – God's speed in accommodating all the needs of the constituents you serve in Canadian County.  May the men and women under your leadership remain safe and serve with hearts of compassion and have great wisdom over the next few days and weeks..


Just like these great men of valor raised the flag on Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima many years ago showing their allegiance and pride of the USA…and that the mount was officially taken.   WE, too, are challenged to "raise our flag" of dependence on Christ and pride of Jesus in our lives and that we are officially taken.


And as we have talked many times…we must ask the question - "HOW AM I DOING?"


Tomorrow we will continue with our discussion of Living Proof – Principal #10: "Raising the Flag and sharing Faith Stories leverages rapport and creates spiritual curiosity".


We have one specific assignment for tomorrow, just one.   Take a few minutes today prior to going to bed tonight and Write out a recent experience when God prompted, comforted or gave you wisdom and how you might use it in a Faith Story.  

Examples:  Helping someone when you had "other things to do" ..  Offering to pray when everyone else opted out.  Stepping out of a conversation that was  inappropriate. 


God is at work everywhere and all the time….so jot down one example where you were encouraged to do something…that raised the flag of Jesus.  


See you in the morning!!


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