#CBMC #Yukon - 6:30am WEDNESDAY - Aug 28th

Hello men!


I'm looking forward to seeing you this week and consider inviting a guest on Wednesday.


I ran across this statement (below) in yesterday's devotional in that blasted "Bible In One Year" app on my phone.

Sometimes I really don't like it – as it seems to ALWAYS (yes, ALWAYS!) get me thinking and praying a bit more which slows me down. 

And I don't always have time for that…because I am busy! (boy, don't we say that a lot..)


This particular statement is not anything new…on the contrary, we have all eluded to (and spoken similar) statements many times over our adult Christian life. 


It goes something like this: "IT IS SO IMPORTANT NOT JUST TO START WELL BUT ALSO TO FINISH WELL" (nicky gumbel)


You can quickly search verses on the subject and several will pop up.  Go for it.  

The chapter in the Bible I was reading revealed an example of NOT finishing well (2 Chronicles 24). Not fun.


What I find intriguing about the whole finishing well idea …..is that I have always focused on the END goal.

But it's always tomorrow that throws something at me which can make me stumble.  It's as if I am looking so far down the road – I miss the pothole right in front on me!


For sure, finishing well is the goal… but as my friend Dave Ramsey says…IT'S BABY STEPS...lots of them over lots of days.  There is no shortcut to finishing well with money OR finishing well as a man of God. 


We should absolutely focus on the end goal…but we need to be Living Proof of Christ TODAY…a Marketplace Ambassador for Christ TODAY…and then each and every day thereafter! 


Thank you Jesus for the great reminders and examples you have given us in your Word!


Thus far today….I have officially taken 8,971 steps. 

Yes, I'm still thinking about my goal…but I have lots more steps to take today to reach it!


So, how are you doing??



Have an awesome week!


Thank You!



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