Not long ago I ran across a situation that really rocked me.. It was one of those times that I figure the Lord was trying to give me a real reflective nugget... you ever had that sense?

Well, this nugget revolves around Matt7:4. The whole speck of dust and plank deal.. not real great to reflect on some days.. Cuz it can be painful to PULL THE PLANK OUT.

Picture it.. I am in a meeting and a persons name comes up and EVERYONE looks like they just sucked the juice off a lemon.. You know the drill.. eyes clinched, lips puckered and forehead scrunched... just looked SCARY. I was a little shocked. I had heard things before but not ever seen such a reaction.. Well, I had to inquire as to why the terrible looks.. Not such a good idea. I have learned (but apparently forgot) that you better be willing to hear the answers to the questions you ask.. and what I heard was troubling.. "cheater", "swindler", "yelled at me".... need I say more?

Bottom line is here that I knew this Chirstian went to church and what they claimed to be.. So what is up with all these comments? One of my friends even said (and its right-on AND SAD).. "there are lots of people who act one way at church and another in public".. I hate to admit it, been there and done that too! But I have surrendered it all and I am not going back!

The commentaries suggest that we can't evaluate people on external things nor on claims of religious-ness. But, as the song says..they will know we are Christians by our love and doggone it they'll know it by our actions too. I read AGAIN that JESUS hung his hat on a couple of biggies... "love the Lord ..and Love your neighbor..." I have trouble with that sometimes too!

I guess it all just made me really think seriously about how my actions connect with my faith and my how my faith in turn connects with its object (or not) - Christ. Then it hit me - kerPLANK.. Is Christ truly reflected in me? Is He reflected from me onto others? In my business dealings? In my interaction with the world in which I live?

He knows me.. but do they see Him?

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