Two Things

It is actually kind of funny… the other day in my Rotary Club meeting (and no, it is not a bunch of old retired guys!).. we were talking about stem cell research and a speaker who would talk about the subject soon.. when I heard a quote that I thought about for the last few days.
“Change usually brings two things: chaos and opportunity”
In my simple little banker mind, this statement made me think of the many things “changing” in my life, our society, our government, the business world, etc,.. makes me reflect on how I swallow the change I see around me everyday. Changes in my family, my aging body, my faith, my government...it’s enough already! Do I consider it chaos and something to be afraid of or do I look at as an opportunity for me to grow, to learn to love better/wiser, increase in knowledge, to actually think BEFORE I speak (DUH!), maybe learn what NOT to do again or do I always prepare for the certainty of the next lobbed bomb? While I tend to shy away from describing my position as chaotic, it is not always opportunity-ish. Opportunity is where I need to focus and not get caught up in the chaos mess that catches so many of the people out there. Some people just go over the top with the chaos – you know the sky is falling, blah, blah.

Change does bring them both (chaos and opportunity) to the table. Winston Churchill said it well, “there is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”. So, do you get caught up in the tornado of chaos or take the road of opportunity when change is coming your way? Which IS the right direction?

There will be major changes coming our way.. so be prepared and see the opportunity!

Go to the source of THE truth..and prepare for the changes I know will come. The Bible

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