How about a "High 5"?

Have you ever given your High 5?

I was in a meeting recently (in Mustang, OK) and was asked a question by Senator Steve Russell (Rep. Dist 45) that really shocked me! One of the first times I was actually speechless (haha)..

He was talking about the fact that much of the work “our” elected officials actually do (or the agenda they work from) within the confines of the Capitol is set many times by the “special interests” roaming the halls and mingling with these men and women we elected to represent us. He wasn’t comfortable with that and thought it was wrong and THEN..asked his shocker question..


You could have heard a pin drop… I was no different.. What were mine? I really could not verbalize anything? WOW, I felt like another sheep wondering around and just letting the press, the pundits, the society speak for me? WAKE UP JAY!

…he continued talking…he could knock on 100 doors in any neighborhood before he got to one house who would say that WORKERS COMP REFORM (other WC info) was important to them… Is that not crazy? Yet, isn’t that what we hear each and every session? Yes, WC reform is important to business owners and many of the folks I finance. But what about others.... employees – citizens of OK?   Have you thought about it?

So, what are your hot buttons...?  Taxes, Education, Human Rights, Hate Crimes, Healthcare, Term Limits, Roads and Bridges?

The rest of the day I was in awe of that shocker question… and ashamed to say I was speechless too..

What are your 5 issues? 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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