Survival Seeds?

I tweeted about this about a week or so ago when I arrived in the parking lot at a clients office.. As I am in the business of lending MONEY (not seeds).. to think I might have to deal in "survival seeds" like I heard on the commercial.. OVER THE TOP.. or is it?

Actually couldn't believe what I had heard.. it was a commercial on a survivor seed bank? They claim these non-hybrid "seeds" of plants "will be more valuable than gold".. and The "global elite" are storing these seeds somewhere in the tundra of the North Arctic so as to prepare for the end of the world or the like?

Here is their website for you to check out http://survivalseedbank.com/ .

Now, while I am not sure this is something I will purchase (or trade).. there is a high likelihood they will or could be more important than gold.. IF the economy totally buckles... hmmm. Something to consider for sure??

I just wonder what other people think who have heard these commercials? Crazy stuff to ponder..when the dollar is weak and the price of gold is at all time highs.

Are you prepared?

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