Is it Legal to be Illegal...or Not?

¿No es usted legal ni?
It seems many people are asking the question…. "What is it about the Arizona law that is creating such heated debate", or maybe one comment - "It is like Hitler asking for papers..." (many probably don't even care!)  But, then I hear people saying it does not differ from the Federal law already on the books?  I am so confused..

I was a bit surprised to hear (in their own words) - that our President (Obama), US Attorney General (Holder) and the head of The Department of Homeland Security (Napolitano) – have not read the bill as of Monday..  What's up with that? 

I'm not saying I've never complained about a rule/law or something I had not reviewed yet.. But this might be a sconce bigger... (As I have stated previously, my shoe is exactly the size of my mouth..)

Below are links to Arizona's SB1070 and the US Immigration and Nationality Act.  It is my suggestion that before you question the legitimacy (or illegitimacy) of the law in AZ - you should at least read it and compare/contrast with current policy. Its called BEING INFORMED!

This is the actual Senate Bill (17 pgs) of the entire text of this controversial law passed in Arizona.

This discusses all things immigration and nationalization.

Latest News:
♦ It's funny that Cuban lawmakers (in Cuba) are denouncing the AZ law.. Cause if you try to leave Cuba – don't they try to shoot ya?
♦ read that one of the leaders (above) had actually read the law! 
♦ Yesterday we actually had the President of Mexico chastising the United States on its immigration policy? Eso es la olla que llama la tetera negra.. 
Next topic.. the financial reform bill and the impact it is likely to have on jaythebanker.. 

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