Slumdog, Is that your final answer?

Slumdog Millionaire..Great Movie!

My wife and I finally had the opportunity to watch Slumdog Millionaire last weekend.  Having not read much about the movie - only hearing others "take" on it - we found it to be really interesting and very eye opening.

We were given the movie to watch by a friend of mine involved with Hopegivers International which is a large evangelical based mission organization in India that actually works directly with the "slumdogs" as referenced in the movie.  My friend indicated that children are (ACTUALLY) physically harmed in Mumbai and elsewhere to be effective beggars?  How nuts is that..? Hard to believe this actually exists in the world today.. 

What in the world happens to orphan and abandoned children in, say Haiti, Morocco or Malawi.. you pick the place.. USA..
The movie opened my eyes to the needs of children in the far reaches of the world and certainly the need and importance of the influence of Christ in these countries.  It also provided insight as to why organizations like Rotary International are so critical in the world.

Don't be shy, get involved with an organization that helps others!

I highly recommend the movie!

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