Mothers Day..Made Me Think..

One day, not that long ago I was showing a nice woman around our new bank in Mustang.. She was talking about her grandkids and I was boasting eloquent about my kids too.. It is, after all, a father’s job!  During that brief conversation she said something that ran true and sweet and really made me stop cold in my tracks.. She mentioned that her grandchildren called her "GAMMY"?

I made her repeat it so I could hear it again…“GAMMY

That was the name my sisters and I called our maternal grandmother in Ada, OK many years ago! I had not heard that name in years.. conjured up neat memories for sure.

Gammy (Mary Gail Stephens) was killed in a car accident on my own mom’s birthday about 30 years ago.. My grandfather (GK Stephens MD) and Gammy had just left a Christmas party at the old Valley View Hospital in Ada, OK. The drunk driver did not see them as he sped over that hill.. And it was that event (plus others too) that influenced the rest of my life..

Made me think of Gammy – and the impact of Mothers Day on my dear Mom..

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Sure glad I have a mother to say it too.. Don't take it for granted.

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