YIKES!..I belong to a CULT?

I guess I AM in a cult?

Someone told me the other day about another making a comment that people attending our church were part of a “cult”. I have heard silly statements like that a few times over the years and it is time to set the record straight..

As it turns out..I guess they are right..I AM in a cult.. and love it!

Here are some interesting things about my CULT:

1) We are considered “different” because we base our belief system on the Leader of the cult. There are lots of similar types of cults in our town too!!
2) We believe (totally) that everything the Leader said was truth and is without error.
3) We are willing to be accountable for our actions, statements and behaviors. (not fun)
4) We follow a wild character named Jesus Christ who we actually believe is the Son of God…and that He died on a cross for me. (He is the Leader!)
5) We communicate the message of love, peace, honor, truth, integrity, mercy, grace and accountability. Yet, we still fall short in all of the areas..
6) We are radical enough to call sinful behavior what it is.. SIN. (It is what it is..)
7) We don’t care where you come from, what messes you’ve made – we want you to be part of the Cult and get real with your past and come clean with our cult Leader. He is, after all, the key to freedom. (a radical thought.)
8) We believe you can be part of the family by making a personal decision to believe and agree with our leader.. whom you really can’t see or touch. (and this is risky!)
9) We believe that to be the greatest (or first) you gotta be the leastest (or last)..
10) Our cult handbook is called the HOLY BIBLE and it is considered radical by many….

My CULT rocks and I love the members within it. We aren’t perfect – don’t even come close ... just try to live with integrity, honesty and working NOT to put our feet in our mouths (a personal issue I struggle with)..

A cult like ours is mixed bag of tricks… because it is full of people like me.. and that could be very scary!

But here is the most intriguing thing.. I know what I believe.. What about you?

It’s a free country..

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