SKUNK in the house!!

On our way out the door this morning...I heard my wife squeak real loud, the door shut and then she yelled "it's a skunk.. a skunk in the garage". Of course I was loading a few things in the car - so I "high-tailed" it out of there until that bugger left.. Just took my stuff with me. A SKUNK IN WILLIAMSTOWN!!

Hah, that is probably what they said when the Emory's moved in...

Of course, this is the day AFTER we learn we have some form of ground dwelling HORNETS in the front flower beds.. Maybe some day I'll tell you about my stealth like assault on those flying beasts.. That'll have to be another day..

Speaking of skunks:
Okay, do I just tell you about a skunk in my garage this morning and was very concerned it might spray the garage... THEN, I am pretty sure the skunk was on the plane and in my area!! C'mon passengers.. Take care of those "issues" before you board.. Whew!!

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