The dreaded TEST!

I just really dislike them.. TESTS!

It doesn't really matter how old I get..  taking tests is always a non-fun event..  I have my first round of testing tomorrow after a week of economics, fed policy, credit risk management, marketing and a few other topics.   Yes, it sounds exciting I know!  It should be short and sweet and almost over before it even starts..  We shall see how it goes very soon.

But as I study for this actual "test" it makes me think about another "test" I wasn't necessarily planning for this week.. Being away from my family for about 14 days.  Sure, some of you, many of you think it might be a good break from "life" as you know it..  I, too, thought it would not be such an ordeal.  However, not holding my wife, my girls for an extended time has proven to be something I miss dearly.  All the motions we go through at home EACH and EVERY night.. getting them to bed and finally time (maybe) for us to share even a bit of our day...  It is missed dearly.   

It makes me think of all those soldiers overseas and the distance of time and space between couples, their kids and their home.  Those folks are my heroes for sure.. They truly sacrifice so very much so I can live with such incredible freedom and peace..
Thankfully, I am home soon. 

Since Sunday this week I have been in Madison, WI on the University of Wisconsin campus attending the Graduate School of Banking or GSB-Madison.  And there is another week to go.... more on Madison later!

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