Yes, it is true.. I really, really enjoy my ketchup! And yes, I'm a bit over the top about it..

PIZZA, EGGS, TOAST, ANY SANDWICH (not on PB&J).. red just rocks on nearly everything!!

Tonight I have proclaimed myself, "THE SAUCE MASTER"..

Today, for instance, as I consumed my chik fil a combo..(which was very nice).. I pulled a "15'er".. That's 15 of my favorite friends with the sandwich and fries.. that's 15 packets.

Here's a picture of my Warhol like ketchup packet art. My friend Eric will love it (he's an artist)! I'd call mine true minimalist art..

I wonder if eBay can handle an auction for "ketchup packet art"??

Attention entrepreneurs!! Here is an idea () .. have a store and RESTAURANT - call it "ketchups".. [it worked for "POPS"]

It might work..

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