Good old 68..

You probably thought I was talking about some great memory from 1968. NOT! Heck, I was born back in '66..

Actually, the old 68 refers to the setting on the thermostat at the Emory home.. (Yes, I know it's a low setting for heat.)

The picture below to the left is the setting over a week ago as the cool temps have taken the house temp lower and lower.. Seems just yesterday we were complaining about how we wish it was 70!

And as the teeth chattered in the house for the last several weeks..the question was asked again and again, "Dad, when is the heater going to kick on?"..

I always enjoy seeing the kids (and my dear bride who puts up with me) come into breakfast all wrapped up in the crisp house air! (and I'm still wearing shorts!!)

I suppose I liked the cool house because it reminds me of how much I love the fall in Oklahoma. Ok..and maybe not paying a heating bill until DEC too!!

Alas..My dear family celebrated this weekend as the heater FINALLY kicked on after it's long siesta over the spring and summer..

Stay cool!

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